Loyalty Rewards is designed to reward our most loyal customers for their business and is available to any retail customer who registers for the program. Our Rewards Program is completely FREE to join and provides a wide range of benefits to members.

Loyalty Rewards members can earn and accumulate 1 point for every dollar spent. All purchases qualify* including motorcycle parts and accessories purchased with a bike. The more purchases you make the greater the reward you will accumulate. Reward points expire after no purchase for 365 days.

Please refer to the table below to see the increments that reward points can be redeemed.

Unlike other programs that may take over a month to receive your reward in the mail, our program rewards you instantly. Track your purchase account activity, as well as print your Reward coupons online from your home computer.

Getting started is easy. Any of our cashiers will be happy to assist you. Once you have enrolled, you can create your online login.

* Qualifying purchases exclude taxes, motorcycle purchases, sale items, extended service, Priority 1, service labor, and collision repair paid by an insurance provider.


Rewards Points


300 Points $15
500 Points $25
1,000 $50
1,500 $75
2,000 $100
5,000 $250
10,000 $500


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